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Our exciting, modern, youth-focused program encourages young people to develop at their own pace by leading, assisting and participating in a broad range of activities and adventures designed to spark their curiosity and inspire growth.

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Our Safeguarding Committment Statement

Scouts NSW is committed to safeguarding youth in our care. We are committed to creating an environment where all our members feel safe, supported and protected. Every young person has the right to feel safe and be safe.

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Adult Leaders step up into new roles
Assistant Chief Commissioner Program Lachie Page has recently made new appointments to his team. Get to know the members who have stepped into these Deputy Assistant Chief Commissioner and State Commissioner roles.
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Region Rally
The Force was with Scouts on the North Coast at the annual Region Rally, where more than 150 Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts, Leaders and adult helpers gathered for 40 hours of Sci-Fi fun.
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Rain is no barrier for adventurous youth at ScoutHike
They didn’t need a DeLorean to travel through time at ScoutHike 2024 – just some ingenuity and willingness to take on a challenge. The annual competition run by Sydney North, which celebrated 30 years in 2024, saw Scouts taking a very wet “Tour of the Eras” through a rainy Belanglo Forest.
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